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Taco Map

I like making little Google Maps for everything. In the interest of facilitating the consumption of authentic, quality tacos in the KC metro, I have begun the Kansas City Taco Map.

View Tacos KC in a larger map

It’s rather small and it will probably stay that way. The goal is to provide as much geographical coverage as possible, rather than listing every little place in KCK for instance.

It is my hope that, no matter where a person is, he/she could consult the taco map and locate a restaurant within 5 or 10 minutes. And these are real tacos like these:


Not these:

Taco Via

So what else should I add? Eastern Jackson county is looking a little thin, probably because I rarely go there

Hot weather foods: What do you like?

It’s a steamer out there right now and it has definitely affected the old appetite. Whenever it’s hot I lose my characteristic craving for cheeseburgers but replace it with new ones.

Mayonnaise is not among my favorite foods, but in summer months I love a good chicken salad. It’s great with fresh citrus or dried cranberries with walnut or pecan bits. A healthy dose of celery seed in the dressing makes a vast improvement.

Vietnamese bĂșn, or rice noodles is just about the perfect summer food. cold or room temperature noodles, topped with shredded vegetables, fresh mint, crushed peanuts and grilled meat. Add the classic sweet and tangy Vietnamese vinaigrette (which I believe is called nuoc cham but don’t take it to the bank) and you have a perfect, fresh-tasting summer meal.


Photo by Alexa Clark on Flickr

Tacos occupy a similar culinary terrain: hot, flavorful meat accompanied by pungent cilantro, onion and salsa or fresh pico de gallo. I could eat a traditional taco every day of the summer if I had to (or if I could)

Lots of folks go for gazpacho in the summer, simply because the tomatoes are the star. Not to get all hippy-dippy on you but it makes sense that our bodies would crave things that are in-season.


Photo by Alpha on Flickr.

Looks good, but I’ve frankly never been a fan of gazpacho. Something about drinking tomatos doesn’t appeal to me. No, I don’t like bloody marys either but believe me it’s pretty much the only drink I don’t like.

How about y’all? Summertime favorite foods?