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Meat and Bread: The Brisket Sandwich from D’Bronx

D’Bronx on Bell is a place that would be right at home in a college town. The menu is large, varied and affordable. The vibe is casual and even playful, and the food is good.


If you dig deeper into the menu than their decent approximation of New York style pizza, you can find some very nice items. For instance the brisket sandwich which consists of chunks of tender braised beef, deli style mustard and nothing else.

Brisket sandwich

It takes some balls to put a sandwich like this on your menu. And I love it. Something about a sandwich comprised of just meat and bread allows the ingredients to speak for themselves. No cheese, no tomato, no lettuce, no cole slaw, no caramelized onions–just tender chopped beef and good mustard. Like the best corned beef sandwiches at a Jewish deli, you don’t need anything else.

Pizza by the Slice

I almost never go out to eat and order a whole pizza. Something about toppings are very personal, we all have our preferences, dietary restrictions and taste swings. Trying to get four or five people to decide on a pizza is an exercise in futility and frustration.

Pizza slice

Photo by Jeremy Keith on Flickr

For this reason, as well as the fact that I often dine alone, I only go to pizza places that offer slices. If I have never been somewhere before, I check ahead of time to make sure they sell slices. If I am driving by, I look for prominent signage advertising the availability of slices.

Stonewall Inn

Slice at Stonewall Pizza, Lenexa

What am I driving at here? Well, I think every single pizza place should offer slices or individual servings. The “pizza buffet?” Not going to cut it.

Slices are tough on a restaurant because you have to partially or fully cook them, then heat them up. If you try to make them from scratch, the patron is looking at a long wait. Whole Foods does a nice job on this front. I really enjoy the slices at Original Pizza but you run the risk of it not being fully heated, since they want to serve you quickly.

Pizza & Salad

Slice & salad from Original Pizza, Overland Park.

Papa Keno’s takes forever, but I think they actually make each slice to order. Hell, they barely qualify as slices, since the the slice has to be sliced into smaller, uh, slices.

There’s D’Bronx which makes pretty good slices too. I like that they don’t skimp on the toppings; they come really loaded.

D'Bronx Slice

Slice from D'Bronx, Overland Park

And there are several more options before you are compelled to graduate to “gourmet” individual pizzas at a joint like Pizza Bella or Spin.