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Oktoberfest at Grünauer This Weekend!

Impressionen vom Oktoberfest

Photo by sanfamedia.com on Flickr.

I’m not much for crowds, but this really sounds fun. Two nights of music, drinks and delicious food at one of the most appropriate venues in town for an Oktoberfest celebration. The food at Grünauer is seriously good and the Oktoberfest menu sounds like a winner. From the website:

Chef Peter Grunauer will prepare Sauerbraten with Rye, Bratwurst, Cheddarwurst, Austrian Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Hungarian Gulasch with Spaetzle, a Salad Sampler of Kraut, Potato, Cucumber, & Tomatoes, and Grunauer house made Pretzels.

Few things appeal to me more than the prospect of house-made pretzels and I know from experience that the Cheddarwursts are first rate.

Naturally, there will be polka music, traditional German dancers and frenetic, Eastern-European inflected rock from Nuthatch 47.

The action begins under the tent this Friday, Oct. 8 at 4 p.m. and continues on Friday from noon to 1 a.m. I’ll meet you in the beer garden, I’ll be the drunk one.

The most useful web page you will read all day

I’m serious. Some enterprising individuals out there on the interwebz are performing an extremely valuable public service. I simply can’t overstate the usefulness of this original and highly scientific research. It has the capacity to improve every person’s quality of life significantly. Naturally I’m talking about beer cozies.

You may refer to them as “koozies” or “koolies” or “huggers.” If you do, you are wrong.

Anyhow, the geniuses at My Science Project have been conducting experiments on cozies at a page entitled “How to Keep Beer Cold.”

Beer cozy.

For all I know this site has been online for 15 years, but it’s new to me and has quickly risen to the top of my most important bookmarks.

So what conclusions do they make? After a series of experiments, these fine folks establish that a cheap, foam rubber beer cozy is just as effective as more expensive alternatives.

They test the effectiveness of a beer cozy made entirely of Rice Krispies treat material.

Rice Krispies cozy.

Rice Krispies cozy.

They find that a cozy made of Legos is really not very effective.

Lego Cozy

Lego Cozy

They test DIY cozies made from materials like aluminum foil and cardboard and find them just as good as commercially available ones, for the most part.

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot in my heart for beer cozies. I plan to write about them again in the future. So at the risk of skirting the purported theme of this blog I wanted to bring you this very important resource.

You’re welcome.