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BB’s Lawnside Celebrates 20 Years on Friday

One of Kansas City’s most unique and beloved barbecue joints turns 20 years old tomorrow. BB’s Lawnside BBQ has anchored a little stretch of 85th street near Troost since 1990. Since then, it has entrenched itself as a true KC Original, marrying laid back atmosphere with good food and live blues.

BB’s has among the most loyal clientele of any place in town. Recently they managed to soar through a period of intense road and bridge construction that made the joint difficult to see and hard to get to. The 20 year anniversary celebration will last all year and will feature special BB’s merchandise and food discounts. Drop by tomorrow for live music from Eddie Shaw and the Wolf Gang and a champagne toast.

Fans of BB’s are invited to share their favorite memories on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Several folks have already done so and it makes for fun reading. Berry Anderson also has a great little piece in the Pitch about the history of BB’s.

BB’s Lawnside BBQ
1205 E 85th St, Kansas City, MO 64131

Cantankerous Kansas Citian Spits Out Kosher BBQ

Gawker hosts a video today from the CBS Early Show in which reporter Dave Price at the American Royal cheerily serves up his Kosher barbecue brisket to two onlookers, one of whom summarily spits it out on to the ground.

Normally I’d suspect something like this of being staged but given Price’s reaction and the response of the hosts back at the studio, I think our idea of hospitality genuinely caught them off-guard.

I didn’t see the show, so I’m not sure of the context. Perhaps Mr. Crankypants just wanted to make a statement about New Yorkers attempting to make barbecue. Maybe he didn’t like the idea of “kosher” being a proper category, or maybe the guy’s brisket really did suck.

Big tip o’ the cap to Barry Bailey.

Porking Out on Carolina Barbecue

I have a confession to make: Kansas City style is not my favorite type of barbecue. While I definitely enjoy it with unwise regularity, my preferred style hails from the Carolinas.

Folks there focus on the pig to an almost ridiculous degree in their barbecookery; it is not uncommon to find only pork on a menu. Recently I stopped by a joint called Little Pigs in Asheville, NC which featured pulled pork, pork ribs, chicken and sides. That’s it. A menu this small probably wouldn’t fly in Kansas City but is pretty commonplace in and around the Smoky Mountains.

Little Pigs BBQ

Because of the slavish dedication to pulled pork there, it just tastes better than pulled pork you can get anywhere in Kansas City. Three Pigs is not even close to the best barbecue available in the region, but I couldn’t get enough of it.

Little Pigs BBQ

Pulled pork is seriously augmented by a good mustard sauce, which is slightly sweet, very tangy and quite a bit thinner than our idea of sauce. I took a bottle home with me from Three Pigs because it isn’t easy to find here. The only place I can think of that offers mustard sauce in Kansas City is Brobeck’s on Roe and 105th.

Anyhow, next time you smoke a pork shoulder, think about making up some mustard BBQ sauce and offering alongside the Gates Original. It is really very easy to make, and recipes for it abound online.