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Korean House Opens Inside 888 Market

My friend Meesha V. and I have been culinary acquaintances for a few years now. We share a love for food and occasionally go out to lunch during the week when he has time off.

A few days ago while shopping for fish at 888 Market on 119th street, he noticed this:

888 Market is almost like an Asian mall, with separate businesses inside that rent out space, and complement the grocery store. They already have a computer repair shop and an insurance office in addition to Korean House and we decided to pay a visit recently.

Korean House is a family business. We chatted with the young woman who takes orders and delivers the food to tables, and she indicated that her mother and aunt do all the cooking. And there they were in plain site, cranking out homestyle Korean fare behind the counter. The menu is decently sized and offering seem to be a mix of pre-made and freshly prepared items.

I ate a dish with buckwheat noodles, vegetables and braised beef while Meesha opted for bibimbap. For about 8 bucks you can get a dish like this along with the traditional banchan dishes.

Here are a few photos:






They are still wet behind the ears and haven’t done much marketing, but it’s worth a visit. The food is good and the service is very friendly.