I wrote food, drink and restaurant stories for an online publication in Kansas City called KCFreePress.com during most of 2010. For the latter half of the year I also updated a food blog that accompanied the site called the Clean Plate Club (the name is the brainchild of one Emily Farris who actually started the blog). Well, the Free Press site folded and was taken down, though the blog remains for now and the blog has been removed as well.

Since I don’t necessarily want to lose that content, I’m archiving all of my writing here since it may be of interest. This site contains my blog posts and feature stories written between late 2009 and September 2010.

The blog posts have been imported directly from the original Clean Plate Club but the longer, feature stories were housed in a proprietary CMS and had to be copied from drafts. Thus, they lack the original formatting, correct publish dates and may contain some different verbiage here and there. Also, the great photos that accompanied the pieces do not grace these pages – they don’t belong to me anyway. I may start to add some of my own photos and clean up the content if time permits.

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