Cantankerous Kansas Citian Spits Out Kosher BBQ

Gawker hosts a video today from the CBS Early Show in which reporter Dave Price at the American Royal cheerily serves up his Kosher barbecue brisket to two onlookers, one of whom summarily spits it out on to the ground.

Normally I’d suspect something like this of being staged but given Price’s reaction and the response of the hosts back at the studio, I think our idea of hospitality genuinely caught them off-guard.

I didn’t see the show, so I’m not sure of the context. Perhaps Mr. Crankypants just wanted to make a statement about New Yorkers attempting to make barbecue. Maybe he didn’t like the idea of “kosher” being a proper category, or maybe the guy’s brisket really did suck.

Big tip o’ the cap to Barry Bailey.

3 responses to “Cantankerous Kansas Citian Spits Out Kosher BBQ

  1. I did watch it live and that guy’s not a Kansas Citian. He’s from that BBQ Pitmasters show and he’s always a bit cantankerous. Earlier in the show Dave Price made a remark and that guy said he had a gun in his boot he’d like to show Dave. They were playing to the cameras, but it was kinda funny live.

  2. “Bull E.” is correct and I have a bit more to add, I was there and both Dave Price and his Producer, John Lafferty thought the grumpy Texan was absolutely hilarious. Nothing was staged, it was all off the cuff but great TV is great TV. The only people there that were not laughing were the PR people for the Royal.

  3. Excellent, thanks to both of you for clarifying the situation.

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