Hit up Dagwood’s Cafe for Breakfast

I made a long overdue visit to Dagwood’s Cafe recently and was happy to find a delightful old-fashioned diner that also serves pretty good food.


Breakfast is the strong suit at this place, as the lunch menu is perfunctory and not terribly inspiring. I had Dagwood’s namesake sandwich, a delightful combination of fried egg, ham, cheese and hashbrowns.

The Dagwood sandwich

And some good biscuits and gravy too…

Biscuits and gravy

That’s a half-order which set me back all of $2.75.


There are two dining areas which must have been smoking and non-smoking sections when you could still light up inside (and apparently lots and lots of folks did). The interior is not fancy, not retro-chic, but not particularly divey either. Dagwood’s is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch and is located at 1117 southwest blvd, Kansas City, Kan., just a stone’s throw from I-35.

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