What’s Your Bowling Alley Drink?

During a recent conversation with a friend, he revealed to me that he always orders seven and sevens when he goes bowling. This is just a behavior he developed over the years in order to compensate for a rather limited set of choices when indulging at the local lanes.

The Clique Beer Liquor Bowling -- IMG_7499

Photo by Steven Depolo on Flickr. I've been to this bowling alley and it rules.

Most bowling alleys have bars and even lounges when one can order any number of items. But there is no guarantee that the person knows much about making drinks. Sometimes, the same person who operates the fry-o-lator and the nacho cheese dispenser has the mixological responsibilities as well.

Also the choice of liquors may be extremely limited, particularly if you want anything top-shelf. Don’t get me started on the beer selection. One is usually limited to Budweiser, Miller and the other usual suspects.

Of course, this situation is not limited to the bowling alley. Airplanes, catered events and many dive bars put drinkers in the position of needing to order something that is good, hard to mess up and made from commonly available ingredients. Anyone else have an old standby beverage for situations like these?

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